Since their inception Lumineers have been a non-invasive alternative to Veneers. Lumineers are thinner than veneers, the minimal thickness is .3-.5mm. That would be as thick as contact lenses. By using such a thin and strong piece of porcelain the doctor can change the patients’ tooth size, shape and color.

Dr. David Silber is an international lecturer and trainer on Lumineers since 2000. He has been placing Lumineers on patients since 1997. He has placed many successful cases of Lumineers. Many patients want a Smile Makeover, but hold back from deciding due to the actual invasive nature of the procedure. With Lumineers, we are able to deliver the patients desire of a beautiful smile, without numbing up the patient, with minimal tooth drilling and zero sensitivity.

By using Dr. Silber as your in house provider for Lumineers, you can keep your patients in your office and also be able to profit from having the procedure done in house. No longer d o you have to be concerned with learning how to place Lumineers. Using The Lumineers Guy, allows you to continue to grow the services that your office offers and maximizing the level of expertise to know the procedure is done right. Because, taking care of your patient’s needs is our number one priority.